Therapies of the 21st century!Dissolve Traumas,  Phobias, Addictions and
Improve your Performance

 NLP / Hypnoses

(certified Neuro-Linguistic Programmer and Hypnotherapist)


(Emotional Freedom Techniques)

(Certified Thought Field Algorithm Therapist)  

Be Beautiful

Be Comfortable in Your Body

Be Healthy

Achieve Your Ideal Weight

Free Yourself of your Addictions and Cravings:

Be smoke free,
Breath free!

Money back in case of dissatisfaction!!!


EFT—Emotional Freedom Techniques
“Psychological Acupuncture without Needles”
"The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy system."

Neuro-Linguistic Programming / Hypnoses

NLP offers a vision and change of unconscious structures and processes, which form the base of internal and external communication.

Do You Want to Experience Authentic Freedom?

These techniques are portals to
· freedom of self doubt, grief over the loss of a loved one, or anger, or negative memories involving rape or other forms of abuse.
· freedom to earn that greater income, start that new business, improve your golf score, lose that weight, approach people with ease or become a public speaker, singer or comedian.
· freedom from the anxiety that causes you to take those pills, drink that alcohol, smoke those cigarettes or raid that refrigerator.
· freedom to express love easily and walk upon this planet with grace and confidence.
· freedom from intense fears, phobias, anxiety, panic attacks, addictive cravings, depression or guilt...

Make that dramatic change of your world now.

 There is no need to long, drawn out, "tell me your life story"
· There are no pills.
· There is no painfully repetitive reliving past traumatic events.
· It doesn't take months or years.
· It takes a fraction of the usual time and is sometimes even done in minutes.

People simply get beyond their emotional luggage, usually permanently, and go about their lives more effectively.

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