Balance for Body, Mind & SoulText Box: Back Massage

ca. 30 min 
Text Box: Discard the Stress you transport on your back with this deep relaxing massage over your entire body but concentrating on your back.
Text Box: Whole Body Massage
ca. 60 min
Text Box: Deep relaxation from head to feet. If you wish include a brief abdominal or facial massage. Get rid of your long standing soreness’s.
Text Box: Reflexology

ca. 50 min 
Follow up sess.:
ca. 30 min
Text Box: works with the body’s energy flow to stimulate self-healing and maintain balance in physical function.
Reflexology can reduce pain, increase relaxation and stimulate circulation of blood and lymphatic fluids by manipulating specific reflex areas in the feet. Very useful in stress-related illness and emotional disorders.
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Text Box: Detox and cleanse your skin and energy thoroughly with this soothing and relaxing whole body massage with sea salt and oil.Turn your skin into that soft baby-like skin again.

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Text Box: Abdominal Massage

ca. 30 min 
ca. 60 min 
Text Box: Get to the core. Release the emotional stress you have stored in your belly. As well a good booster for digestive and general immune system.
Text Box: Universal healing energy applied through the hands to heal your being on all levels: physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual. It realigns your energy centres and reconnects to the universal divine source.
Text Box: Reiki/Quantum Touch 

ca. 60 min 
Text Box: Vidapower

ca. 30 min 
ca. 50 min 
Text Box: Detoxification and stimulation of blood circulation and lymphatic system to help the healing power of the body to do their work by applying a subtle electric current.
Text Box: Salt Massage
ca. 90 min 
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